Portia Crossley Photography LRPS | Sharpitor, Leather Tor and don't forget Lower Leather Tor!

Sharpitor, Leather Tor and don't forget Lower Leather Tor!

November 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Thank you all for your interest in following my family's crazily ambitious challenge to climb and photograph every Tor on Dartmoor! Many have enquired as to whether there is a particular guide or book we are following. Well Terry Bound's 'The A-Z of Dartmoor Tors' has been the ultimate authority for some time so that is one we definitely consult but we would also not be without the more recent 'Dartmoor Tors and Rocks' by Ken Ringwood. This latter book has had us revisit many well know Tors as the map in it often reveals that there is an elusive, much less well known Tor hidden somewhere nearby! Needless to say it will be our first port of call from now on!

We have climbed Sharpitor and Leather Tor many times unaware that on the hillside below Leather Tor there lies 3 sizable granite outrcrops collectively named Lower Leather Tor! So the other day once again we scrambed up the clitter on Sharpitor, clambered over Leather Tor and finally found Lower Leather Tor which incidentally makes a rather nice picnic stop overlooking the wonderful Burrator Reservoir! Sharpitor Leather Tor from Sharpitor Lower Leather Tor Lower Leather Tor overlooking Burrator Reservoir


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